We help Ortho/Spine ASCs drive profits.

Costs are rising for ASCs. Not just for medications and essential equipment but also for specific activities/services, enabling technologies and growth. Unfortunately, implant reimbursement and revenue are not keeping up with these increased costs, leading to reduced profitability for the ASC.

Here at Advantien, we can help you drive profits often overlooked.

Our mission is to fill the gaps that GPOs can't for ASCs.

Manage the RFP Process

An implant pricing expert manages time-consuming tasks such as your RFP and Capitated pricing projects. With decades of experience and 100,000s pricing data points, you can trust you’re in good hands!

Centralized Implant Purchasing

Advantien works with over 130 implant vendors to centralize the purchasing process. The products are still sent to you directly, but we handle the paperwork headaches.

Streamline Order-to-Cash Process

We provide payor billing dept. (RCM) with implant Case Invoices 1-2 days after surgery, reducing time-to-bill insurance (i.e., improved cash flow) by 1-4 weeks.

“Advantien helps alleviate the day to day ordering and correspondence struggles, the juggling between multiple vendors, departments, and divisions, and streamlines these processes in a one stop shop experience, with excellent reliability, response, and accuracy.”


Materials Manager


Watch our CEO and Founder, Tim Burney, as he chats with HST Pathways on how ASCs can work to lower their implant costs.

Case Study: $1.3M/Yr in Increased Profit for Ortho/Spine ASC

Advantien renegotiated implant pricing, optimized reimbursement, and streamlined billing processes, resulting in over $1 million annually in increased profit for this Ortho & Spine ASC. Curious how we did it? Read the full case study by submitting your email below.

Advantien partners with ambulatory surgery centers to streamline purchasing, reduce ortho/spine implant and supply costs, and drive significant profits – without impacting surgeon choice. 

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