Day-to-Day Support for Materials Managers

When managing the materials for a busy surgery center you’re often juggling multiple cases and tasks all at once. By partnering with Advantien, we free up time so you can focus on priority one – providing patients with extraordinary care!

How We Support Materials Managers

When you work with Advantien, it’s like having an extra full-time assistant who’s an expert in implants on call 24/7. 

Need it fast? We respond in minutes – not hours.

Case Costing

When running a busy ASC, case costing can take up much of your time. By partnering with us, you can call/email with the details, and we’ll have the case costs ready within the hour. Need to research new vendors? We can help with that too.

Conducting RFP's

With our extensive experience working with 130+ Ortho/Spine Vendors and 300,000 SKUs in our pricing database, we can conduct RFPs on your behalf and negotiate the best price possible for your case.

Invoice-to-Patient Matching

Advantien will consolidate invoices applicable to each patient, and provide them to your billers 24-48 hours after surgery.  No more wasted time bugging reps for invoices.

Reconciliation of Errors

Advantien’s efforts in tracking down missing paperwork and reconciling errors with vendors save an average of 3-5 hours per week for the Materials Managers.

Maintain Inventory and Shelf Stock

We can help ensure your high-volume items are in stock, supplies ordered for upcoming cases, and remedy any backorders or shipping issues that arise.


Pricing Enforcement

We ensure that the prices that reps are charging match what is on-contract.  When new items are brought in, we’ll proactively negotiate great pricing and get those items on-contract.

Hi Advantien, (…)

Please provide a price analysis for this upcoming surgery…

Great, thanks! Please compare costs with other potential vendors so we have options to present to the surgeon on Friday.

Help When You Need - How You Want It

After working with dozens of ASC’s and Materials Managers, we know every situation is different. Need to text us pricing questions? Prefer to email us your case costing requests daily? Need an in-depth Supply Audit for a Board presentation? We’re happy to help, just let us know how we can best support you.


Need Help Standardizing or Enforcing Your Materials Policies and Procedures?

Whether you have policies in place that need to be reinforced or you’ve been tasked with creating your ASC’s policies from scratch, we can help! With a decade in supporting Ortho/Spine ASC supply chains, we can help optimize your facility’s materials policies.

Case Study: $1.3M/Yr in Increased Profit for Ortho/Spine ASC

Advantien renegotiated implant pricing, optimized reimbursement, and streamlined billing processes, resulting in over $1 million annually in increased profit for this Ortho & Spine ASC. Curious how we did it? Read the full case study by submitting your email below.

Advantien partners with ambulatory surgery centers to streamline purchasing, reduce ortho/spine implant and supply costs, and drive significant profits – without impacting surgeon choice. 

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