Streamlined Surgery-to-Reimbursement Process

We combine the best features of various services into one cohesive solution that can replace the expense of a full-time employee. 

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Get paid faster - we can reduce A/R by 14 days or more

Are you sometimes waiting weeks to get implant invoices? Our process delivers implant invoices 24-48 hours after surgery, allowing your ASC to get reimbursed faster and streamlining the RCM process.

I wish every facility was as easy as you!
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We combine the best features of various services - focused on Ortho implants

Our centralized purchasing process simplifies the A/R and A/P process by consolidating numerous manufacturer invoices into one easy-to-read invoice that ensures you get paid up to 14 days faster.

We work in conjunction with your existing GPO, but negotiate better local pricing  for your specific facility. We also offer RFP support and management, help identify additional savings opportunities, and offer real-time contract enforcement.

We help optimize reimbursement customized to your payor contracts. And don't worry - we ONLY get paid if/when we drive increased profits to your ASC.

Our team steps in a completes the tasks often performed by a FTE, but without the salary! This includes data analysis, case costing, par-level management, process optimization, error checking and resolution.

Are you tired of juggling multiple vendors, a mix of rep-brought-in items, and shelf stock?

Our Single Invoice Makes Insurance Billing Easy.

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Are You Missing Opportunities to Drive Profits and Save Money on Your Spine/Ortho Implants?

Based on your historical data, our report will capture how to effectively manage your costs and increase profits from your orthopedic and spine implants.

orthopedic implant revenue management report

Advantien partners with ambulatory surgery centers to streamline purchasing, reduce ortho/spine implant and supply costs, and drive significant profits – without impacting surgeon choice. 

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